Please look to your neighbours and friends for support, if you have a neighbour who might be vulnerable in the current crisis please support them

01757 288234

Please phone our Parish Clerk Steve if you have any non-medical issues relating to the virus particularly during the self isolation phase. A friendly voice will listen to your needs and do their best to help

There is a team of volunteers who will buddy up with you to offer support and provide a friendly word when needed

Don’t feel alone, help is there whatever the need, we are going to be living in our own little bubble but volunteers are there to make it a bit better for you

The volunteers will help with emergency shopping, prescriptions, urgent hospital visits, dog walking and any other needs

ERYC – dog poo challenge

The ERYC have recently been placing posters in some of our local areas regarding our latest campaign which we have named ‘ The Dog Poo Challenge’. This has also recently been highlighted on Radio Humberside and so far we have had quite a positive response with local members of the communities wishing to become involved in the project.

The project is looking for volunteers who whilst going about their normal activities, they see anyone not cleaning up after their dog then they can approach them with confidence. Our commitment to is helping to understand dog fouling law, to supply a number of dog poop bags to carry and copies of the ‘Clean it up’ post card to hand out to dog owners and to assist in the education of dog walkers in your local area.

I have attached a copy of our recent press release if you would like to circulate this in your local parish Newsletter. In addition to this, if you have any areas where you are experiencing problems with dog fouling then please feel free to contact me and I will be happy to place the areas on the list for the posters over the next few months.

Volunteers wanted to create cleaner environment

East Riding of Yorkshire Council’s dog warden team are looking for volunteers to help them create a cleaner environment.

Volunteers would be given training by the dog wardens on the dog fouling law and would help by challenging those dog walkers who fail to clean up after their pets.

They would also be able to hand out information about responsible dog ownership as well as understanding what evidence is required in order for a £75 fixed penalty notice to be issued.

Councillor Shaun Horton, portfolio holder for community involvement and local partnerships at East Riding of Yorkshire Council, said: “Dog fouling is a major issue and while most dog walkers are responsible and do clean up the mess left by their pets, there are some that don’t.

“The East Riding is a vast area and our dog wardens can’t be everywhere which is why we are asking for the help of the public.

“Those who do come forward will be given all the information and confidence they need to challenge those who are seen to be not cleaning up the mess left by their dogs while being able to give out information about responsible dog ownership.

“We would really like fellow dog walkers to come forward and help us create a cleaner environment but will consider volunteers from any walks of life.”

For more details ring East Riding of Yorkshire Council’s dog warden team on (01482) 396301 or email

Kind Regards,


Natalie Rhodes
Dog Warden
Public Protection
01482 396318

Road between Breighton and Wressle

Please be aware that this road will be closed to all traffic for essential culverting under the road starting on 22 October 2016

The traffic order says it will be closed for 4 days but we understand locally that it should only be closed for 2 days, the diversion signs will be out so please keep an eye on these to see when it will be reopened

Steve Young Parish Clerk