November Chair Letter : Benches, BOOM Power, & Cycle Track

Dear Parishioners of Bubwith & Breighton

I do hope this finds you well and more importantly dry!!!!


It’s just as well our beautiful new benches (see below) that have finally been sited in Bubwith and Breighton are recycled plastic to withstand this weather.  I hope you are as delighted as I am to see them and more importantly use them on your walks.  My grateful thanks to Steve Young and Malcolm Henson who have worked tirelessly to apply for funds, source the benches, lay the concrete plinths and finally site them.  Thanks too to those individuals who have given their blessings to siting them near their homes. Apparently the suggestion for benches began almost 20 years ago (thank you Bunty) and got it’s final push over the finishing line earlier this year (thank you Paula and fellow PCs), so all that remains to say is, “take a pew”.


I attended a very interesting Bubwith Leisure and Sport Centre (BLSC) meeting this month.  It was great to see some of our new volunteers and to get their contributions into supporting this brilliant asset.  The Bubwith Mile progresses although rain has caused some delays to laying the final surface.  The suggestions for the playground were also discussed and how we can take this forward together with the planned Cycle Track.

The elephant in the room was of course money!  In order to achieve these two ambitious projects and just as importantly continue to address some of the urgent maintenance  (leaks in the roof to name just one) it is estimated we probably need to raise approx. £450K and in order to fundraise via grant applications and local means we need support and engagement from our community.


It would seem the theme for 2023 has to be fundraising and engagement.  To ‘kick off’ I’m working with 2 of our new volunteers (Kay and Carol) to establish regular Table Top sales at the Leisure Centre with the first planned for Sunday 26th February.  Akin to a Car Boot Sale but indoors, we hope to generate some interest from people to sell or buy or both and of course there will be food and drinks.  The price of a table will be £5 and entrance 50p with all proceeds to BLSC projects.  If you are interested in booking a table or volunteering to run the event please drop me an email .


Money is probably preying on many people’s minds at the moment and the Parish Council is no different.  Over the course of the past few years we have worked towards improving facilities and services for local people and in particular for our young folk with our very successful youth club ensuring they have outlets for their energy beyond simply getting into mischief! We have also recently agreed to support the cost of a part time role for the leisure centre to deal with bookings, statutory/legal requirements and facilitating opening up for groups and events (currently reliant on a volunteer) as we would like to get more use from this valuable asset. 

The discussion of the level precept is always an energized agenda item and this year is no different.  After much heartfelt debate we have agreed to set 2023/24s precept at an increase of 17%.  I know this sounds significant but it equates to £5.36 pa or 10p per week for band D council tax payers and by comparison with other local parishes we bench mark as low to average.  Our rationale is to sustain the facilities and services we have in our community and ensure we maintain our parish as a good place to live.


Quick update – informal consultation on proposed BOOM Energy solar farm.  I attended a meeting of Parish and Town Council Chairs this week to discuss and agree the key questions we need to get answered by BOOM in preparation for a meeting with BOOM planned for early December. Our representative at that meeting will be Councillor Liz Hayes.  We will continue to update on this as we progress to formal consultation in Spring 2023


Finally, good luck to FOBs for their upcoming Christmas Fayre on Sunday 27th Nov, 2pm at the Leisure Centre.  Enormous effort has gone into the planning and it promises to be great fun, so please don’t miss it!


Best wishes



Sandra Hills, Chair of Bubwith Parish Council

I’m always glad to hear of concerns and issues.  .


October Chair Letter : Christmas is coming

Dear Parishioners of Bubwith & Breighton


The year is passing quickly; here we are nearing the end of October with Christmas just around the corner.  The village Christmas tree is on order and the 3rd December has been set as the date for it to be erected together with other decorations on the green.  Carols around the Christmas tree on Sunday 22nd Dec is also a date for your diary.

October has been a very busy month with many activities related to the Bubwith Sport and Leisure Centre including progress on groundwork for the running track.  Bubwith Playground project group has been established and a Visioning Consultation coffee morning was held on Sunday 9th October.   Demand for a new playground has been growing for some time now and some very helpful ideas and views came forward about what people want.  We are keen to get as many views as possible so if you are interested in getting involved or giving your views on the plans so far please contact me or mob: 07748965779.  I’d be happy to share our initial thought and capture any comments you would like to make.


This month the Parish Council has also been involved in the recent Non-statutory Consultation by BOOM Energy related to a proposed Solar Farm spanning some 3000 acres of land in the local area with the intention of generating 400 megawatts of electricity.  Most people have received a consultation booklet about the proposal and some have attended public consultation events in the area.  There are clearly many unanswered questions about the proposals that are at a very early phase.  The Parish Council will respond to this non-statutory consultation and urge any interested individuals to do likewise to inform and influence the final plans.


The process for formal consultation prior to the Secretary of State decision will take place over a number of months in early 2023.  Parish Council Chairs in those parishes affected are working together to ensure there will be a process for wide consultation and public response in that formal consultation phase.  Further information of how to engage will be made available in the coming months.


Finally, congratulations to the Bubwith Sport and Leisure Centre and in particular Steve Johnston for organizing the recent Fashion Show fundraiser at the centre.  The event was very well attended and was deemed to be a very successful and enjoyable social event that people would like to see repeated.  Thank you to all involved in organizing the event and the wonderful models who sashayed down the catwalk modeling the clothes.  


Best wishes



Sandra Hills, Chair of Bubwith Parish Council

I’m always glad to hear of concerns and issues.  .


August Chair Letter : Bubwith Bash & Leisure Centre Volunteers

Dear Parishioners of Bubwith & Breighton


Sadly I’m against the clock today as my family will be descending on me this weekend and I’m ill prepared.  However, I have long enough to mention events that have been and some that are coming up.


The Big Bash, what can I say! A truly wonderful day with lots of people volunteering and assisting to setup and clear up, lend their prized marquees for shade, run the bar, man stalls, sort the bins and flog raffle tickets.  The sense of community was palpable and if my emotional quotient radar was working correctly, people were having an enjoyable time.  Thank you to all who contributed their time and also to those who brought their families along and took part, there would be no Bash without you all.  


My particular thanks to all those generous people who donated raffle prizes and bought raffle tickets (despite my over zealous sales pitch at the queue for the bar), we generated £310 for community projects with a focus on our local children.


Last month I spoke about exploring the parish becoming a Community Energy Co-operative and our aims to reduce energy costs and carbon through local energy generation. We made a start at our first meeting and have decided to push ahead a bit further.  We meet again at 7pm on Wednesday 7th September at the Leisure Centre. If we are to stand a chance of success we will need to demonstrate community buy in, so if you are at all interested please come along. 

Contact: or  


Finally, there was recently a post box drop to all houses on behalf of Bubwith Leisure and Sports Centre (BLSC) seeking volunteers and influencers to get involved.  I’m pleased to say some people will be coming along to the next Committee meeting.  We’d love there to be more so please feel free to get in touch to find out what it entails.  Mob: 07748965779.  In September a meeting is being planned to discuss how we get a new children’s play park, I have contact details for some interested  parents/grandparents but would welcome more.  


On that note, sorry but I must dash, a dirty bathroom is calling and I have a rendezvous with some apples and pastry. Enjoy the remainder of August.


Best wishes


Sandra Hills

Chair of Bubwith Parish Council   

  1. I’m always glad to hear of concerns and issues.  .

July Chair Letter: Bubwith & Breighton Parish Against Cost and Carbon

Dear Parishioners of Bubwith & Breighton


I hope you are coping with this extremely hot weather. It’s something of a mixed blessing, with on the one hand being granted permission to stay indoors, rest and drink plenty and on the other a desperate need to keep watering some of our treasured plants or working into the night to cut hay or bring in a harvest. Then of course there is the dog walking being done late at night and early in the morning with half an hour break in between!!!!


I am sure that people will be erring on the side of caution with their water consumption and hosing given some of the stark messages in the news about water supply.  More importantly, I hope you are taking care of your own health and keeping your eye on older folk and those with underlying health conditions who are particularly vulnerable.  Heat stroke and the impact of excessive heat creeps up on us very sneakily and at it’s worse it can lead to heart attacks and potentially death, so please take care.


On the subject of high temperatures and climate change, the Parish Council had a very interesting presentation at our most recent meeting from Mike Kaye of Energy Oasis (  The substance of Mike’s talk was why costs of energy are escalating and why they are set to go even higher. He spoke about what action we can take and the potential for our parish to become a Community Energy Co-operative/hub.  The aim of such a project would be twofold, reducing carbon emissions through the use of green energy generated locally and reducing the cost of that energy for our community.  A road map of how to determine the feasibility and implement such a project was discussed at length.


Further discussion was related to climate change and the heartfelt concerns that many of us have for the future for our children and grandchildren if action to address the situation is not taken. An example community who has begun to take action is Alton in Hampshire  We agreed our community has already begun to take similar actions on an informal/ ad hoc basis but there is a potential for us to do more.  The PC concluded we should invite interested parties to a meeting to establish whether there is an appetite to take forward a Community Energy Co-op and climate network.   


A first discussion of Bubwith & Breighton Parish Against Cost and Carbon (BBPACC) is planned for 7pm on Wednesday 3rd August at the Bubwith Sport & Leisure Centre.  Please let us know if you are interested, interested in attending or simply turn up on the night.   Contact: or


On the subject of events, we held our first Parish Council Social event on the 24th June.  Feedback from those who attended included a need to expand the invitations (an action for next year), a list of actions that they would like the PC to take to improve road safety and raise awareness of clubs in the village (already done). The general feedback was it was a worthwhile evening and a good opportunity to get to know each other. 


Finally, just in case you were unaware, the second Bubwith Big Bash is to take place on Saturday 13th August.  Grants to support this event have been secured and it promises to be bigger and better than the event in 2021 with lots for families to do and enjoy.    


I have been lucky enough, together with Anne Young, to be selected to run the raffle the proceeds of which are used solely for community events.   Anne and I are looking to the generosity of people and businesses in the village to donate some prizes for the raffle.  Please, please, please do donate.  No prize is too small or too large and if you would like to get a mention as a prize sponsor we will be delighted to do that.  Please contact me on 07748965779 if you are happy to donate a prize.  Many thanks in advance, Sandra & Anne.


 Best wishes


Sandra Hills

Chair of Bubwith Parish Council   

  1. If there are other matters unconnected to this report that you wish to raise please do get in touch.  .


June Chair Letter: Dog dirt, an owl box & street parties

Dear Parishioners of Breighton & Bubwith


I hope this finds you all in good health and enjoying this sunny weather.  It’s hard to believe we are already coming to the end of June!!!! 


May was the month of celebration.  A big thank you to the organisers of street parties and other events, the photos on social media said it all, brilliant! Whether it be cake baking and bonnet competitions, the opportunity to have some of the wonderful food from Mounfields, the Swan or the Jug and Bottle, or even sampling the delights of a battle  re-enactment at Wressle Castle there was something for everyone and it was a great opportunity to mingle with family, neighbours and friends and enjoy the 4 day weekend.


Recent events include the arrival of the new owl box in the community orchard.  Thanks to Malcolm Henson who built this delightful addition and also the other noble (but shy) gentleman who gave his time and expertise in erecting the telegraph pole and box.  If you haven’t been down to visit the orchard I would encourage you to do so, the trees are now becoming well established and there are things being added all the time.  For newcomers to the village, the orchard is next to the allotments just off Highfield Road.


Spaldington Windfarm Community Fund was allocated this month and Bubwith were successful with 3 bids.  FOBs to create a green learning and sensory area at Bubwith Community School and the Parish Council for their Young and Old bid covering ongoing support for the Youth Club and the siting of a number of benches in the village and seats in the bus shelters (I’ll let you decide which bid you will benefit from).  Putting these bids together takes time and effort, my thanks to Paula Clark and Steve Young for their hard work and success.


A quick plug for the youth club volunteers and thanks to the one person who has come forward as a volunteer so far, there’s plenty of space for more volunteers so if you have time on a Wednesday evening please do get in touch.


Our recent Parish Council got a bit energized when it came to the standing agenda item on ‘Dog Dirt’.  In the past 8 years we have:  provided free pooh bags in dispensers (people just took handfuls with no impact on the problem); regularly featured the problem in the news sheet and urged people to be considerate; had a school poster competition and erected posters around the village; had the East Riding Dog Warden involved with lessons in school teaching children about responsible dog ownership and monitoring within the village; had posters alerting people to the dangers of Toxocariasis (a parasite commonly found in dogs intestines and faeces) to children and urging people to clean up; I’ve personally walked the patch on several occasions spray painting dog pooh to highlight where it is; and more recently we’ve again erected signs urging people to be considerate and clean up. All to no avail, the problem persists.


Our energized discussion was what to do next given that all previous efforts have had minimal impact for any period of time.  We are not alone and elsewhere in the country it’s suggested that a prosecution and fine may be the best deterrent.  Should we become more draconian with covert CCTV cameras or funding the dog warden to try to catch people out?  Should we (like some areas) introduce a DNA register for dogs to be able to detect who’s pooh it is? 


Our final decision is simple, the problem belongs to everyone and Parish Councillors are volunteers with limited powers.  Therefore, we are taking it off our agenda as a standing item and looking to our community to either be more considerate or to report any sightings to the local dog warden who does have powers to take action.  Please contact  


Finally, I look forward to meeting invited guests at our social event at 7pm on Friday 24th June at the leisure centre.  The Parish Council look forward to hearing what you think we should be focusing on within the parish.


 Best wishes


Sandra Hills

Chair of Bubwith Parish Council   

  1. If there are other matters unconnected to this report that you wish to raise please do get in touch.  .


Bubwith Community Youth Club Info

Bubwith Community Youth Club is held on Wednesdays during term time from 6:00 – 7:30 pm.
We hold our sessions at the Bubwith Leisure Centre.
We aim to provide activities for everyone to get involved in but above all, we will remain a safe place for everyone to reconnect with friends outside of school.
Entry is £1 per child. Pre-registration is required but a parent can do this on the first day.
Ages 7-16 years but children of 6 years are welcome if accompanied by an adult.
Tuck shop every session so bring some pocket money.
Our leaders Jemma and Lisa have lots of events planned for each session.
We welcome new volunteer helpers even if you can only help out one session a term. Please come down and see what we are all about! Any questions, just ask or email

May Chair Letter: Youth Club, Antisocial Behaviour & Children’s Playground

Dear Parishioners of Breighton & Bubwith


I hope this finds you all in good health. This month I’d like to update you one of our success stories and bring to your attention some of the things that people have raised with the Parish Council over the past month.


The Parish Council has committed to supporting the youth club through the appointment of a paid Youth Club leader and this is proving to be a great success. There is little entertainment locally for our young parishioners and it was clear from the numbers (40+ each week) and the high levels of energy and noise that the youth club is a popular place to let off a bit of steam.   Like other Parish Councillors I recently joined the rota for the Youth Club and had the great pleasure of attending two sessions.  I was very impressed with just how smart and energized our young people are, but perhaps more importantly just how caring and supportive they are towards newcomers and friends who are going through some challenging times at the moment.  They are a tribute to their families, schools and our community.


The ongoing success of the youth club depends on the willingness of volunteers to cover the rota; the numbers of children that can attend sessions is directly linked to the number of volunteers who attend each week.  We have some amazing volunteers, some of many years standing, who attend weekly and some parents who commit when they can.  I’d like to thank them all for their commitment and dedication.  That said we are always seeking more volunteers.  If you have some spare time on a Wednesday evening and would like to get involved please do get in touch.


Issues that have been raised with me recently sadly include incidents of antisocial behaviour and intimidation. The Parish Council has little powers to take direct action but would urge anyone experiencing such behaviour towards them to report it to the Police and also the East Riding Antisocial Behaviour Team (Tel: 01482 396380), both are best placed to support people through such challenging experiences.


The PC has received a number of requests to do something about updating the Children’s Playground.  We whole-heartedly agree.  It would be good to do something for the village. However, we recognize this would be an enormous challenge to achieve, for example the playground at Holme-on-Spalding-Moor cost something in the region of £100K to renew.  There is clearly a high level of interest in this so if anyone is willing and interested in getting involved in seeing this aspiration materialize the PC would be very happy to establish a Playground Committee.  Please get in touch and we will get a meeting organized to move forward.


Finally, we would like to be more in touch with people and groups in the village to hear about what they are doing and what they aspire to for our community. To take this forward we are planning a social event for the evening of Friday 24th June.  More information and invitations will be on the way shortly.


 Best wishes


Sandra Hills

Chair of Bubwith Parish Council   

  1. If there are other matters unconnected to this report that you wish to raise please do get in touch.  .


January News: Christmas Thank Yous and wishes for 2022

Dear Parishioners of Breighton & Bubwith

A belated Happy New Year and very good wishes to you all for what I hope will be a much improved 2022 with the promise of a fabulous 4-day break to celebrate the Queen’s 70th Jubilee year in June.

Every year, the Parish Council uses the January newsletter to say a big thank you all the contributors and volunteers that made our village Christmas festivities special and enjoyable. This year there seem to be more people to thank as many more folk have given up their time and participated in generating the Bubwith and Breighton Christmas magic!

Firstly, I’d like to give a special thanks to our Christmas tree sponsors the ‘Real Aeroplane Club’ and ‘Real Aeroplane Company’ who once again jointly supported the costs of the tree we very much appreciate this generous gesture.

A big thank you too to the Bubwith Elves who yet again put on a brilliant display of the Snow family and Reindeer and also to their contributor McColls. It adds so much to our village green display!

Three Christmas magicians I’d like to mark out for thanks are Louise, Suzanne and Izzy. My personal thanks and that of the Parish Council for all of your input this year, you were brilliant!

A particular thank you to Malcolm for liaising with Santa for the use of the special postbox. Santa-analytics’ recent report to the Parish Council confirmed that this Christmas there were 163 letters received into the box and 158 replies! This being over a 50% increase from last year’s figures of 116 received and 99 responses, hats off to Santa’s workshop elves, clearly what I’ve read about increased productivity when working from home must be true! Lead Elf, Cedric said these figures didn’t include the 2 Ancestry DNA test kits, 1 COVID test kit and 5 Christmas cards bound for Weymouth and other southern parts. He’s asked me to reassure the senders that these found their way into the mainstream postal system and Santa hopes the outcomes were good.

Thank you to the Parish Council members who organized the erection and later removal of the tree, lights and postbox, Richard F, Malcolm, Mike and Allen. Thanks also to their supporters, Sheila, Steve, Anne and Brent!

Our thanks also go to Richard and Shirley Moore, who, despite coping with some sampling of the NHS close to Christmas, still managed to host mulled wine and mince pies following carols around the Christmas tree. A very enjoyable event.

My thanks to Bubwith Church for Carols in the Churchyard supported by the Allsortz Band and “Walking the Christmas Story”. Both events were well received by the community.

It would be very remiss of me not to also thank those people who made a great deal of effort to arrange events for the Christmas period and then sadly had to cancel due to the increasing Omicron numbers and concerns to reduce the potential for spreading amongst our local residents. Thank you.

Finally, in respect of Christmas, thanks to all those individuals who took the time and trouble of putting on some amazing home light displays. Every year they just get better!

Clearly I’ve blown the 250 word per article allowed in the Bugle but I make no apology for that!

I’m going to push it a bit further and advise that if you are trying to arrange a COVID vaccination a number of sessions are planned at the Courtyard in Goole on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays from the 1st to 27th February. You can book via the NHS website and they will also support people who drop in although it is always better to book.

Very Best Wishes for 2022.
Chair of Bubwith Parish Council

December news – Festive events & Cedric the Elf

Dear Parishioners of Breighton & Bubwith

How wonderful Bubwith looked as I walked to the Parish Council meeting yesterday evening. Despite the rain, it was heartwarming to see the effort that has been made with the Christmas scene on the green
and the many homes of those who have felt able to put up lights to celebrate the festive season. Our grateful thanks to the Real Aeroplane Club and Real Aeroplane Company for their joint sponsorship
of the brilliant tree and also to the Bubwith Elves and Parish Councillors who gave their time to make sure we have a display to be proud of.

There is yet more to come by way of festive celebrations, so may I remind you of the:

Dance at the Leisure Centre – 18th December SOLD OUT!!
Carols around the Christmas tree on the green, followed by mince pies and mulled wine at the Barn,
Chain Bar House – 19th December
Quiz night at the Leisure Centre – 24th December
New Years Disco at the Leisure Centre – 31st December

Given the most recent events with Covid-19 and the Omicron variant, we will all no doubt be watching carefully the twists and turns of National Policy and guidance. Every effort will be made to ensure safety at the Leisure Centre for these events but sadly the events may be subject to change based on any National Policy Changes that are announced.

Some progress has been made this month regarding putting seats in the bus shelters. The local bus company have agreed that it is possible, and are going to send us a quote any moment so that we can take this forward.

The Leisure Centre Committee has been successful in finding new volunteer members. Some excellent people have come forward. However, if you are also interested in volunteering please make contact with Steve Young the Parish Clerk.

The Christmas post box has already received a large number of letters to Santa and Cedric Santa’s chief elf has asked me again to remind children and parents to include a clear name and return address on any
letters as a few have been posted without!

Finally, may I take this opportunity to wish everyone a very happy enjoyable Christmas and New Year from all of the Parish Council.

My very best wishes
Chair of Bubwith Parish Council,


November News – Remembrance Service, Leisure Centre Volunteers Needed and Cedric

“Dear Parishioners of Breighton & Bubwith
It’s hard to believe that some folk think the Bugle is getting a bit long in tooth! They’d like it to be short and snappy with items at 250 words max.
Ever keen to oblige, the few things to cover this month are:
Firstly, thank you to folk who took the time to support benches around the parish. We are exploring putting seats in the bus shelters first with further consideration of other places to follow.
Secondly, new volunteer members are being sought to join the Bubwith Leisure and Sports Centre Committee, I do hope people will be encouraged to put themselves forward.
Most importantly! I can’t let November pass without commenting on the amazing turnout for the Remembrance Sunday service. The occasion was rightly sombre and sad remembering those who gave their lives on our behalf, family members and friends who have served and been lost to us over several generations. The sense of pride and gratitude was evident among the people who stood and paid homage, the last post and fly past were particularly touching, thank you to all concerned.
Finally, looking ahead. I have received word from Cedric, Chief Elf to Father Christmas. The Christmas post box will soon be in place and Cedric has made a plea to children and parents alike to include a clear name and return address on any letters posted to prevent disappointment.
Thank you for your kind attention, please feel free to make contact if you wish to raise anything with the Parish Council.
Sandra, Chair of Bubwith Parish Council,
Taken from the most recent Bubwith Bugle newsletter.