October Chair Letter: Lots of activities as we welcome in Autumn

Dear Parishioners of Bubwith, Breighton and Willitoft

Given the current weather patterns (mostly watermarks) I think I can safely say summer has now passed and autumn is firmly established. 

Summer was busy and challenging for businesses in our community, as they have had to work harder and smarter to keep their businesses afloat during the bridge closure. They have appreciated the way the community has got behind them by buying locally but there is still a month to go so please continue to frequent and support our local businesses to safeguard their future.

The distribution of the information booklet, “Your Guide for Supporting Local” has now commenced and is being rolled out in adjacent villages. Early responses have been very complimentary, Paula Clark has done a cracking job on the design and people are very appreciative of East  Riding of Yorkshire Council commissioning this work, now we just need people to use it. 

Work on the bridge is progressing well and on schedule, the bulletins have been excellent and I  note there are a few history buffs that are really enjoying seeing the historical guts of the bridge.  

The summer has also been busy for young people. If like me you have enjoyed the floral displays next to our benches in the parish then please join me in thanking the young people of Bubwith who have organized and maintained the tubs as part of Humberside Police’s Lifestyle Project for  Youth Engagement. You have truly brought some joy and benefit to our community. Thank you

Overall, it seems to me that in recent months many people’s sense of community has shifted up a  gear. There’s a willingness to not only engage but to actually take the initiative on creating and supporting community benefits.  

As a consequence activities and events are coming at us thick and fast and sometimes it’s hard to know what’s what, particularly when they are abbreviated down to BAM or BAD! There are a  whole host of interesting and fun things for people to take part in and hopefully something for you and your family to enjoy. 

A taster of what’s going on and what’s on the way includes: 

A New Playgroup opened its doors this week. It runs from 09.15 until 11am on Monday  mornings at Bubwith Leisure Centre – £2.50 for one child and 50p for additional children to cover venue and refreshment costs. Run by volunteers it is a real bonus for parents and younger children, please just turn up

Bubwith Arts Movement – got off the starting blocks on the 10th September – initiated by Friends of Bubwith School (FOBS) who have been awarded a grant to create 3 murals in the village, engaging children and young people. For more information contact Paula  Clark, email:  

Bubwith Amateur Dramatics had its first meeting on the 22nd September. Working towards a local production of Robin Hood and the Babes in the Wood early next year. All ages, all abilities welcome. Led by Jenny Bourke, email:  

Bubwith Film Club – Ame Codling has volunteered to get this off the ground with 2 films planned for the winter schedule. Mrs Harris Goes to Paris on Friday 20th October (film starts at 8pm) and Toy Story (1995) on Friday 17th November (film starts at 4.30pm).  

Bubwith Sports and Leisure Committee and the Social Team have revamped the bar (including the prices) and refreshed favourites like the quiz nights and bingo also bringing some new additions to support entertainment for families on Friday evenings, including a children’s quiz planned for early December. Families feedback has been excellent. 

Paul Oliver, Studio Manager from Highfield Grange Studios has reached out to the Parish Council with a view to doing some voluntary work with local young people in the parish. An early suggestion being to teach illustration workshops and then moving on to other skills workshops associated with the film/theatre industry. We will be promoting those connections with groups in the community in the coming weeks. 

Loathe as I am to mention Christmas, things are also gearing up for the festive season, firstly with the FOBS Bubwith Christmas Fayre at 12.00 in the Leisure Centre on Sunday 26 November – Table bookings now via: . Secondly, a  new initiative of a Christmas Charity run on the afternoon of Sunday 17th December thanks to Camilla Sergeant for this great idea.  More information on how to take part next month but I just wanted to give everyone the heads up for the ‘Couch to 5K’ training,  I’ll look out for you on Intake Lane! 

On that festive note, and as we head to the season of celebrations, I hope you won’t mind if I mention noise in our community.  This month the Parish Council has received a number of complaints of noise late at night. Some of the noise emanates from the airfield and as this has been a recurrent issue the Parish Council is initiating some action via ERYC officials to track down the cause and have the culprits desist. Other noise appears to be more local and linked to celebrations, perhaps it is timely to remind us all to consider noise disturbance as no one wishes to be a party pooper or a sleep disturber when playing host. 

Finally, if you haven’t had a chance to respond to the ‘New Second River Derwent Bridge in Bubwith’ article in the August Bugle there is still time. We have received a number of views both for and against but the timeline for comment is the end of September. Please forward your opinion to either Steve Young or me  

Thank you for your kind attention. Best wishes. Sandra Hills, Chair of Bubwith Parish Council PS. I’m always glad to hear of concerns and issues. .

November Chair Letter : Benches, BOOM Power, & Cycle Track

Dear Parishioners of Bubwith & Breighton

I do hope this finds you well and more importantly dry!!!!


It’s just as well our beautiful new benches (see below) that have finally been sited in Bubwith and Breighton are recycled plastic to withstand this weather.  I hope you are as delighted as I am to see them and more importantly use them on your walks.  My grateful thanks to Steve Young and Malcolm Henson who have worked tirelessly to apply for funds, source the benches, lay the concrete plinths and finally site them.  Thanks too to those individuals who have given their blessings to siting them near their homes. Apparently the suggestion for benches began almost 20 years ago (thank you Bunty) and got it’s final push over the finishing line earlier this year (thank you Paula and fellow PCs), so all that remains to say is, “take a pew”.


I attended a very interesting Bubwith Leisure and Sport Centre (BLSC) meeting this month.  It was great to see some of our new volunteers and to get their contributions into supporting this brilliant asset.  The Bubwith Mile progresses although rain has caused some delays to laying the final surface.  The suggestions for the playground were also discussed and how we can take this forward together with the planned Cycle Track.

The elephant in the room was of course money!  In order to achieve these two ambitious projects and just as importantly continue to address some of the urgent maintenance  (leaks in the roof to name just one) it is estimated we probably need to raise approx. £450K and in order to fundraise via grant applications and local means we need support and engagement from our community.


It would seem the theme for 2023 has to be fundraising and engagement.  To ‘kick off’ I’m working with 2 of our new volunteers (Kay and Carol) to establish regular Table Top sales at the Leisure Centre with the first planned for Sunday 26th February.  Akin to a Car Boot Sale but indoors, we hope to generate some interest from people to sell or buy or both and of course there will be food and drinks.  The price of a table will be £5 and entrance 50p with all proceeds to BLSC projects.  If you are interested in booking a table or volunteering to run the event please drop me an email .


Money is probably preying on many people’s minds at the moment and the Parish Council is no different.  Over the course of the past few years we have worked towards improving facilities and services for local people and in particular for our young folk with our very successful youth club ensuring they have outlets for their energy beyond simply getting into mischief! We have also recently agreed to support the cost of a part time role for the leisure centre to deal with bookings, statutory/legal requirements and facilitating opening up for groups and events (currently reliant on a volunteer) as we would like to get more use from this valuable asset. 

The discussion of the level precept is always an energized agenda item and this year is no different.  After much heartfelt debate we have agreed to set 2023/24s precept at an increase of 17%.  I know this sounds significant but it equates to £5.36 pa or 10p per week for band D council tax payers and by comparison with other local parishes we bench mark as low to average.  Our rationale is to sustain the facilities and services we have in our community and ensure we maintain our parish as a good place to live.


Quick update – informal consultation on proposed BOOM Energy solar farm.  I attended a meeting of Parish and Town Council Chairs this week to discuss and agree the key questions we need to get answered by BOOM in preparation for a meeting with BOOM planned for early December. Our representative at that meeting will be Councillor Liz Hayes.  We will continue to update on this as we progress to formal consultation in Spring 2023


Finally, good luck to FOBs for their upcoming Christmas Fayre on Sunday 27th Nov, 2pm at the Leisure Centre.  Enormous effort has gone into the planning and it promises to be great fun, so please don’t miss it!


Best wishes



Sandra Hills, Chair of Bubwith Parish Council

I’m always glad to hear of concerns and issues.  .


October Chair Letter : Christmas is coming

Dear Parishioners of Bubwith & Breighton


The year is passing quickly; here we are nearing the end of October with Christmas just around the corner.  The village Christmas tree is on order and the 3rd December has been set as the date for it to be erected together with other decorations on the green.  Carols around the Christmas tree on Sunday 22nd Dec is also a date for your diary.

October has been a very busy month with many activities related to the Bubwith Sport and Leisure Centre including progress on groundwork for the running track.  Bubwith Playground project group has been established and a Visioning Consultation coffee morning was held on Sunday 9th October.   Demand for a new playground has been growing for some time now and some very helpful ideas and views came forward about what people want.  We are keen to get as many views as possible so if you are interested in getting involved or giving your views on the plans so far please contact me or mob: 07748965779.  I’d be happy to share our initial thought and capture any comments you would like to make.


This month the Parish Council has also been involved in the recent Non-statutory Consultation by BOOM Energy related to a proposed Solar Farm spanning some 3000 acres of land in the local area with the intention of generating 400 megawatts of electricity.  Most people have received a consultation booklet about the proposal and some have attended public consultation events in the area.  There are clearly many unanswered questions about the proposals that are at a very early phase.  The Parish Council will respond to this non-statutory consultation and urge any interested individuals to do likewise to inform and influence the final plans.


The process for formal consultation prior to the Secretary of State decision will take place over a number of months in early 2023.  Parish Council Chairs in those parishes affected are working together to ensure there will be a process for wide consultation and public response in that formal consultation phase.  Further information of how to engage will be made available in the coming months.


Finally, congratulations to the Bubwith Sport and Leisure Centre and in particular Steve Johnston for organizing the recent Fashion Show fundraiser at the centre.  The event was very well attended and was deemed to be a very successful and enjoyable social event that people would like to see repeated.  Thank you to all involved in organizing the event and the wonderful models who sashayed down the catwalk modeling the clothes.  


Best wishes



Sandra Hills, Chair of Bubwith Parish Council

I’m always glad to hear of concerns and issues.  .