Southwood Drain Bubwith which runs from Breighton Road to the river by the Yorkshire Water pumping station

You will remember the issues we faced some 5 years ago when Southwood Drain was flowing into the river and then flowing back over the path at the bottom of the Churchyard by the kissing gate. The path was sandbagged and pumps were put in place to pump the excess water back into the river, this protected the bungalows on Vicarage Close

They are taking preventative action now to stop problems at this junction of Southwood Drain and the River Derwent, two pumps are in place and sandbags are being put in place, the river is forecast to peak in two days time. The Drainage Board stressed that this is preventative and as he said it is better to put things in place in case of need on a Thursday rather than at the weekend in a rush. The sandbags are provided by East Riding of Yorkshire Council and the Environment Agency. Please contact Steve Young Parish Clerk if you need further information 01757 288234

We are grateful for the support of the agencies.