August Chair Letter : Bubwith Bash & Leisure Centre Volunteers

Dear Parishioners of Bubwith & Breighton


Sadly I’m against the clock today as my family will be descending on me this weekend and I’m ill prepared.  However, I have long enough to mention events that have been and some that are coming up.


The Big Bash, what can I say! A truly wonderful day with lots of people volunteering and assisting to setup and clear up, lend their prized marquees for shade, run the bar, man stalls, sort the bins and flog raffle tickets.  The sense of community was palpable and if my emotional quotient radar was working correctly, people were having an enjoyable time.  Thank you to all who contributed their time and also to those who brought their families along and took part, there would be no Bash without you all.  


My particular thanks to all those generous people who donated raffle prizes and bought raffle tickets (despite my over zealous sales pitch at the queue for the bar), we generated £310 for community projects with a focus on our local children.


Last month I spoke about exploring the parish becoming a Community Energy Co-operative and our aims to reduce energy costs and carbon through local energy generation. We made a start at our first meeting and have decided to push ahead a bit further.  We meet again at 7pm on Wednesday 7th September at the Leisure Centre. If we are to stand a chance of success we will need to demonstrate community buy in, so if you are at all interested please come along. 

Contact: or  


Finally, there was recently a post box drop to all houses on behalf of Bubwith Leisure and Sports Centre (BLSC) seeking volunteers and influencers to get involved.  I’m pleased to say some people will be coming along to the next Committee meeting.  We’d love there to be more so please feel free to get in touch to find out what it entails.  Mob: 07748965779.  In September a meeting is being planned to discuss how we get a new children’s play park, I have contact details for some interested  parents/grandparents but would welcome more.  


On that note, sorry but I must dash, a dirty bathroom is calling and I have a rendezvous with some apples and pastry. Enjoy the remainder of August.


Best wishes


Sandra Hills

Chair of Bubwith Parish Council   

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Memorial Cricket Match and the Bubwith Summer Bash.

What a month August was and what a magnificent turnout in the village for the Memorial Cricket Match and the Bubwith Summer Bash.

The generosity of sponsors and raffle ticket purchasers at the Memorial Match raised approx. £2,000 to be split between the Air Ambulance and cricket club. A very fitting tribute to Simon Houlder who I’m sure would have been delighted. Despite the earlier rain it turned out to be a lovely day enjoyed by many. A big thank you to sponsors, Claire and her team from the White Swan and the Leisure Centre volunteers who manned the bar and collected bottles and glasses.

Bubwith Summer Bash, what can I say! The purpose of the event was to get people back out into the community after the stress and strain of ‘Covid Lock Down’ and to overcome some of the natural reticence they might have about socialising again. It certainly did, with an estimated attendance of over 400 people!

No sooner had East Riding of Yorkshire Council (ERYC) announced the scheme, than a Parish Council Sub Committee was pulled together and we were off!

The event was subsidized by a grant secured from East Yorkshire Council and the shortfall was met from the generosity of sponsors of raffle prizes and raffle ticket sales. My personal thanks go to the raffle prize sponsors who gave generously and with personal effort, from fruit and grocery baskets with vouchers from the Jug and Bottle to day-old hand-picked potatoes from a local farmer and a range of goodies suitable for all ages.

We were extremely lucky with the membership of our sub-committee (drawn from Parish Councillors and Leisure Centre Trustees) whose enthusiasm, creativity and energy carried the event forward. We were also very fortunate with our team of volunteers who assisted to set up the day, run the event and then clear away afterwards. I would like to thank each and every one of them for their tireless work, and at the behest of the Parish Council (many of whom were volunteers), I would like to single out Vicky Baines for a special mention. Vicky was inspirational with her organizing and hard work (who knew she had the contact details of a Reptile House, Face Painter, etc. in her address book!). Of course, Vicky may now come to regret this success, as I believe there are already requests to make this an annual event!




This is taken from the Bubwith Bugle newsletter.
Sandra Hills
Chair of Bubwith Parish Council