Support Bubwith Business guide


This booklet has been kindly commissioned by East Riding of Yorkshire Council (ERYC)
as a means of supporting the residents and businesses of Bubwith and Breighton Parish
through some very challenging times.

Our community is rich with enterprising people who have built up businesses, some over five generations and some just getting started, but all designed to make this a great place to live, so great in fact, that you will find you never ever want or need to leave! The purpose of the booklet is to pass on valuable information about the many businesses and services that operate in our community and can support your everyday and special day needs.

It is the hope and the ambition of the Parish Council that by encouraging you to buy locally and use local services we will all be doing our bit to reduce our carbon footprint and to protect and sustain the wonderful services we have, ensuring they are available for all of us for the long term future.

As you peruse this booklet you will see information about:

  • Local medical and prescription services; childcare and preschool services.
  • Local craft people and tradesmen for maintaining or improving your home, your
    car or your gardening equipment.
  • Pet care to keep your pooch, cat or chucks well groomed, and well cared for every
    working day and your holidays.
  • Health and Beauty services to ensure you too are well-quaffed and at your best to
    partake in the social scene (and there is plenty of that!).
  • Where to get good quality, locally produced, award-winning food, to enjoy at
    home, from the bare essentials to the more exotic and luxurious items to eat,
    drink or even a gift.
  • Services that can be brought to your door (milk & papers, window cleaners and
    takeaways) or even services that can replace your door and dress your windows.
  • Places for eating out and socializing or for getting involved in local sports and
    homegrown entertainment.


You’ll be surprised at what’s right on your doorstep, and it’s my hope you will value this
booklet and hang onto it, as you never quite know when you will need someone or some
business listed within it and what’s more, it’s likely to be highly collectable in the future!

Sandra Hills, Chair
Bubwith, Breighton,Willitoft & Gunby Parish Council


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