Bubwith bridge flooding

September Chair Letter : A new fit for today bridge is possible

Bubwith Parish Council wants a new – fit for today – bridge with two-way traffic and no traffic lights, this is in response to all of the comments at the public meeting. 

The old-listed bridge can then be used by cyclists and pedestrians so it will not be wasted. 

This is a dream that is attainable but will take some years, the Parish Council has been offered support from a local bridge engineer currently working on 9 motorway bridges on the M6. 

Our friendly engineer has set out an agenda to achieve a design and scheme that will produce a new bridge, we are assured that monies do become available at short notice at times and if we have a scheme “on the shelf” then we could take advantage of this and put forward our ready-made project for consideration. The first job to be done in the process is to carry out a public consultation which would not just be Bubwith but would include all the surrounding villages who are dependent on the bridge. Armed with the results of this consultation and accompanying a proposal prepared by our friendly engineer we would then approach  East Riding Council to seek funding and support to produce a design for a fit-for-purpose modern bridge. 

Parish Councillors feel that this is an opportunity to plan for the future and have a bridge that is not at the mercy of people speeding to catch the green light and will be a safe and modern river crossing. 

So the first job is to carry out a public consultation, this will require planning and communication skills plus the will to move our community forward into the 21st century!!  

You do not have to live in Bubwith to support this initiative so please get involved to join the group preparing information to move this scheme forward,  contact us below ASAP and by the end of September


To express an interest, an initial meeting with the engineer and our Ward Councillors will be held to plan the way forward.