bubwith covid memorial

Sunny Weather and a Covid Memorial

I do hope you are enjoying this fabulous sunny weather even though you still need to wrap up warm. It’s hard to believe that only a short time ago we were all wading through water and mud every time we crossed our thresholds. Now the gardeners amongst us have had to start watering our plants by day and tucking them up with fleece by night. We’ve also already had two community orchard watering sessions for the young trees planted in March which are starting to blossom.

This month my piece is going to be short and given that you can now get your hair and beauty treatment done, go to the library and enjoy outdoor hospitality I feel sure you will be too busy to read a long piece anyway.

Firstly I want to cover some thoughts that the Parish Council has had of holding a memorial event later in the year.

Last year has been awful for everyone and particularly for those who have lost loved ones and have not been able to celebrate their lives and mark their passing in the usual way.
Members of the Parish Council themselves have experienced the constraints that COVID rules placed on holding funerals and wakes and they are acutely aware that this has caused a great deal of distress for those concerned who may feel they have not been able to do justice to their loved ones and to themselves.
Our early thoughts are that when COVID policy permits the village should hold a memorial day and event to commemorate and celebrate those who have passed away during the past year. Before getting on with the practicalities of such an event it was felt that we should outline what might take place and test the views of others.
Early thinking is that an event be held in the Leisure Centre where people can come together to recall and record everyone who has passed, perhaps with pictures of loved ones and special music to celebrate their lives rather like a normal wake. We can take the time to share memories and anecdotes, show our respect and collectively grieve in the hope that this may go some way to compensating for what may have been a strange and distressing experience for families and friends at the time of their loss.
The idea would be to remember, reflect and raise a teacup to those we have lost. In inviting views we would like to reassure people that comments and ideas received will be dealt with sensitively and in confidence.
Please email Steve Young to express interest or call Steve on 288234
Excerpt is taken from Bubwith Bugle newsletter.
Sandra Hills
Chair of Bubwith Parish Council