bubwith parish chair

May Chair Letter: Mike, parking, new patio space and gin!

Dear Parishioners of Bubwith, Breighton and Willitoft

I do hope this finds you well and not too depressed with this incessant rain, sunny times are just around the corner in time for our May Public Holiday Season. If you need cheering up in the interim you might like to call in at the All Saints Church coffee mornings on a Wednesday morning between 10 and 12 noon. I hear their bacon buttys and sausage sandwiches are amazing and the company is pretty good too! 

Just a few things for me to highlight this month: 

Firstly, one of our Parish Councillors, Mike Suddaby has been having some pretty serious surgery recently but thankfully is now back home and on the mend. Mike and his wife Sheila are well-known and well-regarded within our community. Both are extremely committed to supporting community events and people. I’m sure like me you’ll wish Mike a speedy recovery when he is taking a gentle walk around the village.

Parking is always a challenge in Bubwith village but recently it has become worse. Some people were concerned about poor parking on the roadside and pavement when an event was held at the Leisure  Centre recently (Sunday 14th April). Unfortunately, due to the weather parking on the field wasn’t possible. Volunteers were out all day marshalling the parking but there were examples of thoughtless parking. The BLSC has apologized and will be seeking to prevent further occurrences. A more enduring parking problem in the village is around the area of Morrisons Store in the centre. In their haste, people are parking across entrances to people’s homes and blocking access in and out of the Jug & Bottle car park. Visibility is also limited at this pinch point and the risk for pedestrians, especially children is heightened. The Parish Council are exploring with East Riding Council what other preventative measures can be applied to address this frustrating situation. 

We appreciate people’s lives are extremely busy and everyone thinks they will only be a minute or two in the shop. In reality, it is more likely to be 15 minutes and other people are inconvenienced as a consequence. Please Park with care and consideration, that will work for everyone concerned. Breighton also suffers roadside issues – at every Parish Council meeting, we discuss the verges on Clay  Lane and just about every month Steve Young is in touch with ERYC regarding the state of repair and road cleaning. Sadly a permanent solution is not on the horizon but we will continue to agitate. The Gin Festival – On a brighter note this recent event has been deemed a success, with lots of positive and some constructive feedback and a definite request to repeat the event next year. The event raised just short of £800 all of which goes to sustain the Leisure and Sports Centre which as you will know is a charity. Any ideas for future events are always welcomed as are volunteers interested in getting involved. 

Speaking of volunteers! I mentioned last month that we have been successful in getting a grant for a new patio area at the leisure centre and work is due to commence in June and take about 3 weeks.  Part of the development is to enhance the green space surrounding the patio sadly the grant won’t cover this but I’m hoping we can get some volunteers engaged in the working party to do this work,  either donating their time or some shrubs. If you are interested in this short-term project please get in touch, thank you. 

Finally, a reminder, the Spalding Windfarm Community Grant Scheme is open for applications until the 17th May with decisions being made on the 12th June. There is approx. £23K available this year and  I encourage any groups to consider putting forward an application

https://www.eastriding.gov.uk/ council/grants-and-funding/rural-funding/spaldington-wind-farm-community-fund/


Best wishes. Sandra Hills, Chair of Bubwith Parish Council  

Email: Mob : 07748965779