May Chair Letter: Youth Club, Antisocial Behaviour & Children’s Playground

Dear Parishioners of Breighton & Bubwith


I hope this finds you all in good health. This month I’d like to update you one of our success stories and bring to your attention some of the things that people have raised with the Parish Council over the past month.


The Parish Council has committed to supporting the youth club through the appointment of a paid Youth Club leader and this is proving to be a great success. There is little entertainment locally for our young parishioners and it was clear from the numbers (40+ each week) and the high levels of energy and noise that the youth club is a popular place to let off a bit of steam.   Like other Parish Councillors I recently joined the rota for the Youth Club and had the great pleasure of attending two sessions.  I was very impressed with just how smart and energized our young people are, but perhaps more importantly just how caring and supportive they are towards newcomers and friends who are going through some challenging times at the moment.  They are a tribute to their families, schools and our community.


The ongoing success of the youth club depends on the willingness of volunteers to cover the rota; the numbers of children that can attend sessions is directly linked to the number of volunteers who attend each week.  We have some amazing volunteers, some of many years standing, who attend weekly and some parents who commit when they can.  I’d like to thank them all for their commitment and dedication.  That said we are always seeking more volunteers.  If you have some spare time on a Wednesday evening and would like to get involved please do get in touch.


Issues that have been raised with me recently sadly include incidents of antisocial behaviour and intimidation. The Parish Council has little powers to take direct action but would urge anyone experiencing such behaviour towards them to report it to the Police and also the East Riding Antisocial Behaviour Team (Tel: 01482 396380), both are best placed to support people through such challenging experiences.


The PC has received a number of requests to do something about updating the Children’s Playground.  We whole-heartedly agree.  It would be good to do something for the village. However, we recognize this would be an enormous challenge to achieve, for example the playground at Holme-on-Spalding-Moor cost something in the region of £100K to renew.  There is clearly a high level of interest in this so if anyone is willing and interested in getting involved in seeing this aspiration materialize the PC would be very happy to establish a Playground Committee.  Please get in touch and we will get a meeting organized to move forward.


Finally, we would like to be more in touch with people and groups in the village to hear about what they are doing and what they aspire to for our community. To take this forward we are planning a social event for the evening of Friday 24th June.  More information and invitations will be on the way shortly.


 Best wishes


Sandra Hills

Chair of Bubwith Parish Council   

  1. If there are other matters unconnected to this report that you wish to raise please do get in touch.  .