Bubwith bridge closure

Bubwith Bridge Closure Meeting Update

A consultation meeting to discuss the planned bridge closure was held in the Leisure Centre on Friday evening.  The meeting was chaired by Councillor Victoria Aitken and fielded a range of officers from East Yorkshire County Councillor, from structural engineering, adult and children’s social services, economic development and communication. The Right Honourable David Davis MP was also in attendance.


The meeting was well attended by members of the community of Bubwith and surrounding villages who made strong and valid points regarding the closure and it’s impact on individuals and businesses.


Points raised included:
  • Pedestrian access and the need for at a minimum a footbridge
  • Timescale of the repair – strongly urge the council to revisit the contract they have and push for 7-day working and 12-hour days.
  • The potential to do the repair in phases.
  • Care support for our residents – many are supplied from Selby and negotiations need to be put in place to ensure care companies allow longer for visits to address the diversion.
  • Children and teenagers getting to school in North Duffield, Selby and York
  • Shuttle Bus provision – both to meet up with the Wheldrake service into York and also to North Duffield and Selby.
  • Access to the GP surgery for North Duffield residents registered with the Bubwith Practice
  • Emergency Services (Ambulance/Fire/Police) – all have been informed and will take account of attending in the village and surrounding areas based on the closure.
  • Future weight restrictions on the bridge to reduce similar issues arising again.
The discussion was full and at times energised.  The officers are taking the points away and will be revisiting current plans particularly taking on board the need for a pedestrian access bridge and the contract for the repair.  This will need to be discussed and agreed upon internally within the Council prior to final decisions being made.


At this point, it is believed the closure will go ahead in July as planned.
Minutes of the meeting have been taken by myself and Councillor Liz Hayes and we will work to give a fuller account in the next two weeks.


I have some copies of the shuttle bus timetable and I will put copies on bus stands in the village.


If anyone needs a copy please contact Steve Young, Parish Council Clerk.Tel: 01757 288234




The Parish Council will continue to work closely with the County Council on behalf of our community and will ensure regular ongoing communication is given.


Best wishes to everyone in these difficult times.


Sandra Hills
Bubwith Parish Council Chair
Mob: 07748965779