Memorial Cricket Match and the Bubwith Summer Bash.

What a month August was and what a magnificent turnout in the village for the Memorial Cricket Match and the Bubwith Summer Bash.

The generosity of sponsors and raffle ticket purchasers at the Memorial Match raised approx. £2,000 to be split between the Air Ambulance and cricket club. A very fitting tribute to Simon Houlder who I’m sure would have been delighted. Despite the earlier rain it turned out to be a lovely day enjoyed by many. A big thank you to sponsors, Claire and her team from the White Swan and the Leisure Centre volunteers who manned the bar and collected bottles and glasses.

Bubwith Summer Bash, what can I say! The purpose of the event was to get people back out into the community after the stress and strain of ‘Covid Lock Down’ and to overcome some of the natural reticence they might have about socialising again. It certainly did, with an estimated attendance of over 400 people!

No sooner had East Riding of Yorkshire Council (ERYC) announced the scheme, than a Parish Council Sub Committee was pulled together and we were off!

The event was subsidized by a grant secured from East Yorkshire Council and the shortfall was met from the generosity of sponsors of raffle prizes and raffle ticket sales. My personal thanks go to the raffle prize sponsors who gave generously and with personal effort, from fruit and grocery baskets with vouchers from the Jug and Bottle to day-old hand-picked potatoes from a local farmer and a range of goodies suitable for all ages.

We were extremely lucky with the membership of our sub-committee (drawn from Parish Councillors and Leisure Centre Trustees) whose enthusiasm, creativity and energy carried the event forward. We were also very fortunate with our team of volunteers who assisted to set up the day, run the event and then clear away afterwards. I would like to thank each and every one of them for their tireless work, and at the behest of the Parish Council (many of whom were volunteers), I would like to single out Vicky Baines for a special mention. Vicky was inspirational with her organizing and hard work (who knew she had the contact details of a Reptile House, Face Painter, etc. in her address book!). Of course, Vicky may now come to regret this success, as I believe there are already requests to make this an annual event!




This is taken from the Bubwith Bugle newsletter.
Sandra Hills
Chair of Bubwith Parish Council


Plans for The Bubwith Daily Mile and Children’s Cycling Area in Jeopardy

Official statement from the Bubwith Leisure and Sports Centre Committee Chair, Dr. Richard Moore.
“Plans for The #Bubwith Daily Mile and Children’s Cycling Area in Jeopardy
You may remember from previous issues our plans to establish a perimeter track around the playing field for a track for walking, running and cycling, leading to a pump track, BMX style, and cycling proficiency area at the southern end of the field for our parish children. There would be low-level illumination around the artificial grass track, and an extended terrace as part of the scheme. The football and cricket pitches would be re-positioned a little further south to accommodate these improvements, all part of the scheme for which we have so far raised £130,000 in external grants which are specific to these projects
Sadly for the scheme, the cricket club has, through the cricket authorities, raised an objection to the changes to the cricket pitch, an integral part of the scheme and which we see as an improvement. They would only be “losing” a two-foot strip of the outfield from the longer eastern boundary where it would be replaced by the artificial grass of the track. It is only used a few evenings a year for home matches, whereas the proposal would be available year-round.
A remote meeting is planned and we hope to convince the cricket authorities of the advantages of our plans for the cricket field and persuade them to drop their objection and embrace the rest of the plans which were developed in response to the survey we conducted in the 2020 lockdown and to which some of you will have contributed. The improvements proposed would benefit the whole village, all ages and sexes included.
Without a change of heart then, the whole scheme falls over, including the cycle area, and the grant money promised is lost, we think this would be a great shame. I am very happy to discuss any details with any interested party. The plans are available to view on the East Riding planning department site, reference 21/01907/PLF. If any of you wish to express views please log in to the East Riding of Yorkshire website and enter the reference to make your comment.
Alternatively email our volunteer treasurer Steve Young, who is also Clerk to the Parish Council who support the scheme. <> will forward your comments. The current committee is very demotivated by the probable loss of the scheme and would really value your support.

For the direct link to the ERYC Public Access website to Log In to send your VIEWS / COMMENTS / OBJECTIONS / SUPPORT of this application 21/01907/PLF | Construction of a BMX/Scooter and cycling proficiency track with associated works including adjustments to setting out of cricket and football pitches, construction of a perimeter cycle track, erection of a decked extension to the existing terrace, and construction of a dedicated exercise area and a dedicated play area for the nursery | Bubwith Leisure Centre Main Street Bubwith East Riding Of Yorkshire YO8 6LX

bubwith track

Bubwith Parish Council is hiring!

Bubwith Parish Council Litter Picker Vacancy 

A vacancy exists for a litter picker to work 4 hours per week worked in 2 sets of 2 hours being Friday and Monday or similar. Duties are to litter pick in the centre of Breighton plus in Bubwith from the amenity area at the river to Highfield crossroads plus Breighton Road to Dingle Dell plus Church Street.
An occasional litter pick at the recycling area on the B1228 will also be required.
Equipment will be provided, the job involves lifting light weights and walking the distances as above so the successful applicant will need to be physically fit, also means of transport will be needed to travel between the areas of work.
The rate of pay is set at the minimum wage and this will be reviewed annually in line with Government legislation.
Applications in writing with contact details and supporting letter to the Parish Clerk Steve Young, 60 Main Street, Bubwith, Selby YO8 6LX or .
If you wish to discuss the vacancy please phone Steve on 01757 288234.
Applications should reach the Clerk by the end of May 2021 and interviews will be held as early as possible in June.

Sunny Weather and a Covid Memorial

I do hope you are enjoying this fabulous sunny weather even though you still need to wrap up warm. It’s hard to believe that only a short time ago we were all wading through water and mud every time we crossed our thresholds. Now the gardeners amongst us have had to start watering our plants by day and tucking them up with fleece by night. We’ve also already had two community orchard watering sessions for the young trees planted in March which are starting to blossom.

This month my piece is going to be short and given that you can now get your hair and beauty treatment done, go to the library and enjoy outdoor hospitality I feel sure you will be too busy to read a long piece anyway.

Firstly I want to cover some thoughts that the Parish Council has had of holding a memorial event later in the year.

Last year has been awful for everyone and particularly for those who have lost loved ones and have not been able to celebrate their lives and mark their passing in the usual way.
Members of the Parish Council themselves have experienced the constraints that COVID rules placed on holding funerals and wakes and they are acutely aware that this has caused a great deal of distress for those concerned who may feel they have not been able to do justice to their loved ones and to themselves.
Our early thoughts are that when COVID policy permits the village should hold a memorial day and event to commemorate and celebrate those who have passed away during the past year. Before getting on with the practicalities of such an event it was felt that we should outline what might take place and test the views of others.
Early thinking is that an event be held in the Leisure Centre where people can come together to recall and record everyone who has passed, perhaps with pictures of loved ones and special music to celebrate their lives rather like a normal wake. We can take the time to share memories and anecdotes, show our respect and collectively grieve in the hope that this may go some way to compensating for what may have been a strange and distressing experience for families and friends at the time of their loss.
The idea would be to remember, reflect and raise a teacup to those we have lost. In inviting views we would like to reassure people that comments and ideas received will be dealt with sensitively and in confidence.
Please email Steve Young to express interest or call Steve on 288234
Excerpt is taken from Bubwith Bugle newsletter.
Sandra Hills
Chair of Bubwith Parish Council